About Food Facility

What you eat is what you are!

Food plays a very important role in our life physically, culturally and emotionally. Specially at the vital young age of student life, we need a complete and wholesome diet. As they say, a healthy mind stays in a healthy body.

It gives a great motivation and satisfaction we could get “Our” type of food in foreign University.

Indian Vegetarian food mess in University Campus:

MENTOR fully understands the value of good food and importance of having proper Indian vegetarian meals for Indian students.

MENTOR has arranged Indian Vegetarian food Mess at student’s Hostel. The Indian mess serves throughout the year, Vegetarian tasteful and nutritious Indian food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

List of food items served at Indian Mess at Angeles University Foundation:

Roti Puri Simple Paratha
Alu Paratha Loki Paratha Veg Burger
Spinich Patis Pakoda Yellow Daal
Green Mung Daal Idli Dhokla
Upma Poha Patato Petis
Sweet Rice Pudding Halwa
Samosa Fruit Salad Gulab Jamun
Mahablanca - Coconut Milk Sweet Ice Creame Ice Cream Cake
Mix Vegetable Bhindi Alu Baigan
Alu StriBeans Alu Gobhi Alu Mater
Rajma Rice Fried Rice
Jeera Rice Chowmeen Chocolate Rice
Kheer Chole Paneer Potato Paneer
Spinach CauliFlower with Mater Paneer Chana
Apple Juice Orange Juice Milo Chocolate Milk
Tea Banana Raita Mango Juice
Water Melon Juice Pineapple Cake Pineapple Halwa
Mango Chatni Corriender Chatni Tomato Chatni
Garlic Chatni Chili Pickel  Mango Pickel 
Lemon Pickel  Papad Italian Breakfast : Cheese Pamento Burger
Spaghetti Pasta Sao Pao : Chinese Bun
Minral Water Coffee VadaPao
Kachori Chevda Bhel Puri
Tamrind Chatni Khichdi Besan Kadi
Kadi pakoda Fried Rice Hakka Noodles

Indian Vegetarian food Mess serves healthy food at very reasonable cost, and it runs on No profit earning basis.

Apart from Indian mess, the University and the Hostel has other Cafés serving inexpensive local Veg and non-veg meals.

About Hostel Accommodation

Angeles University Foundation, offers fully Air Conditioned and WiFi enabled comfortable student accommodation facility.

  • The hostels are located inside the campus and also a few minutes distance from the Main campus.
  • Free Bus service between Hostels and Academic Campus.
  • Hostels are enabled with trained, educated and full time security guards and Hostel wardens, ensuring safe and comfortable stay of students.
  • No unsocial and unhealthy activities are permitted inside hostels.
  • Type of Rooms:
    • There are twin sharing, three sharing and four sharing room option.
    • You can choose the type of room you wish to stay in, subject to availability.
  • All rooms have separate Beds, study table and chair and Cupboards for each student.
  • Each room is attached with neat and proper Lat and Bath rooms.
  • Hostel charges are very reasonable and inclusive of all.
  • No separate charges for Air-conditions, 24*7 Wifi and no separate charges for electricity bill.
  • Students have to follow strict code of conduct at Hostels. There are strict rules and regulations regarding entering and leaving hostels on days and night.