Become a Best Doctor In American Education System in Philippines

Why MENTOR recommends Philippines for Medical Education?

After personally visiting almost all the major regions and cities of Philippines, several rounds of visits to key hospitals and their Medical universities, meeting with their higher management, academicians and solving queries, we started believing Philippines. Meeting students and Doctors passed out from Filipino Universities; we accepted their quality of education and inspired to recommend MBBS admission in Philippines to our students.

We also observed that the culture is very welcoming and safest country for our children specially girl students.

Now with us thousands of Indian parents also accepting that Philippines is a right place for their children to study because it offers many positive reasons:

If your planning to study MBBS in Abroad, choosing to study MBBS in Philippines, can be your best Career decision..

Similarities with India

  • Similar diseases Pattern – Both countries are very sensitive to Infectious diseases – Our children will get the same kind of diseases treatment exposure during clinical rotations which they would encounter during practicing in India
  • Similar living expenses – Lodging Boarding are not higher than Indian cities.
  • Similar Food & Vegetation – All Vegetables, Rice , Wheat Floor, available as in India in plenty
  • Similar educational expenses – Without donation of Indian colleges, net fees of Philippines colleges are similar or less
  • Similar Climate &Environment – Both are Tropical Countries, Hospitals are getting same kind of medical cases
  • Similar Academic& work Language – English – Very easy for our students to communicate with faculties, other healthcare staff & administration and Patients at hospitals
  • Similar Continent – Asia, easy and short travelling span, save time & money
  • Similar Medicine System – Allopath is equally popular in both countries, ensures maximum exposure to children for future need.
Extra Advantage:


  • Philippines has a Similar Education & Healthcare System as USA, makes easier for our children to get into USA comparatively.
  • Philippines is a Most preferred country for Healthcare Professionals, Recruitment drives are a routine process happening from US hospitals in Philippines
  • Trend of hitting USMLE (USA) PLAB (UK) Licensure exam is very popular in Philippines; our children will get the inspiration.


  • The world's third largest English-speaking country
  • Highest English literacy rate in Asia
  • Mode of instruction is English in all levels of education
  • Official language for business, education, communication and trade


  • US System of Education
  • Quality medical education as recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), IMED of ECFMG- USA and similar other bodies.
  • Top Universities renowned worldwide , Universities existing from 400 years
  • Integrated problem-based learning approach
  • Modern teaching methods with first-rate facilities

AFFORDABILITY : Fees of MBBS  Colleges of Philippines/ Cost of Studying MBBS in Philippines

  • Affordable overseas degrees and tuition fees
  • Economical accommodation and living expenses
  • Excellent and comfortable boarding facilities


  • Warmth, graciousness and hospitality of the Filipinos
  • Open and stimulating classroom environment
  • Solidarity between students and professors
  • Dedicated and friendly school staff and faculty members
  • Cultural diversity in the society
  • Close proximity to other Asian countries
  • Advanced information technology


  • Better opportunities to secure employment and permanent residency in otherdeveloped countries
  • Good opportunity to travel around the world
  • Opportunities to make significant contributions to your society and to your country after graduation
  • Education gateway to countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, and many others

recommended by MENTOR in Philippines prepare you for the MCI Screening test

Universities recommended by MENTOR in Philippines also prepare you for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)